Hi, I’m Anya Achtenberg.

I’m an award-winning author of fiction and poetry, and a long-time teacher of fiction, memoir and poetry. 

This website is a writer’s place. It is a gathering of what can be useful to this work.

With the jolting changes we are experiencing, this is a place to think together,
a place to re-examine our writing, our focus, our writing’s responsiveness to the world,
For  quick entry into craft, and lightning clarification of a useful point that will make your work go easier, you’ll be able to refer to the Juicy Craft Points for Creative Writers blog series. Each post on this blog offers an answer to a question that many writers have asked me.
As you look over the many course offerings, you might get struck by the one that is right for you at this moment. You can see a road into your own development.
This website is certainly where you might see what I’ve been up to, in my books and other published and unpublished writings; in interviews; in recorded readings; but, just as much, it is a place to support you in taking steps in your own work, and to know that there is  community of others doing the same.
And here you are only a message away from help available from me in many forms.

After each [workshop I’ve attended with Anya], I’ve returned to my writings with newly learned and reinforced dimensions – to shape more fully, delve more deeply, to narrate my truth, what happens, what makes us, what makes us tell.

Norma S. Tucker

Your voice as a writer and teacher makes the strands of space that connects more visible. You do that when you teach I think, evoke the deep hidden layers of meaning, the interstices of silence where potent stories reside and you tease them from others by the way you speak, the way you hint at the interweavings within a life, a character’s perceptions, the nuances of truth.

Loretta McGrath