3 Online Creative Writing Classes, start dates, January 10 and January 17…

Dear Friends,


If you are looking for a place to push your writing to the next step, do it online with me, and with a group of varied and dedicated writers. Rededicate yourself to bringing your writing forward, going to the next level in your craft, getting a fuller sense of your long term projects and writing goals, and building your writers’ community – I’ll be teaching 3 classes online beginning in January, 2013. Details below. I am also working individually with clients on their writing projects, writing issues, and writing craft. The complex causality of events is one of the dimensions of story we work with in my writing classes…


One just begans 1/10/13 for Writers.com – registration is open another day or so. Part Two of that class with Writers.com begins 1/17/13.

A third class, one that I teach independently, also begins 1/17/13. Contact me directly on that one.

Facebook folks, see here — https://www.facebook.com/events/424809400923153/?fref=ts

Classes ONE and TWO of these three classes are at Writers.com. Part ONE began on 1/10/13, and Part TWO begins on 1/17/13:

The classes at writers.com/writers on the net, begin January 10: Claiming Our Stories: Working with the Power of Autobiography and Autobiographical Fiction, Parts One and Two. These are each 10-week courses for writers of both memoir/creative nonfiction and fiction. New lectures are posted every Thursday, and writers receive feedback every week.

Fee for these writers.com classes, 10 sessions, $340. Contact Mark Dahlby through writers.com/writers

For full descriptions and for registration, please go tohttp://www.writers.com/achtenberg.html#story

For questions about the content or the workings of these two classes, email me at aachtenberg at gmail.com


CLASS THREE: I will be teaching the class below, independently online, starting January 17. In this independent class, as well as the above Writers.com classes, new lectures are posted every Thursday, and writers receive feedback from me and from a few of the other participants every week. If you’re interested in writing story, or already do, contact me directly at aachtenberg at gmail.com :

The Essential Elements of Story in Fiction and Memoir

This course addresses some of the larger issues of writing story through a look at the essential elements of story.

We go beyond mechanical approaches to craft, and limited prescriptive definitions of each element of story, to bring in complexity, depth, and new thinking. This class strengthens the tools that you already have, and offers and encourages new ways of thinking and working to go deeper into your work; to make your work coherent at deeper levels; to find ways into the stubborn knots and potent concealed places in your stories; to develop characters that breathe and surprise and move the story; to find language that not only works, but amazes.

Finding the Real Story: The Essential Elements of Story in Fiction and Memoir

In this workshop, we explore the essential elements of writing story for both fiction and creative nonfiction writers, and how to allow these elements to embody the deeper truths and powerful emotions which move us into writing.

We will work on discovering narrator and point of view; the unfolding of plot; letting subtext work for the story; deepening characterization; context and simultaneity; dialogue; the music of prose; the story’s metaphor; revision; and full development of your story, novel, or memoir. We work with the mystery of human behavior in story form, to deepen characterization and discover plot rather than be constricted by it.

We will tap into the power of the visions and voices of our narrators and characters, and the mix of truth and fiction that creates a world both imagined and real. We’ll learn how to unveil and deepen the subtext of our stories, understand point of view, and use the power of metaphor. We will explore narrative summary, active scene and dialogue; begin new stories and discover ways to complete old ones.

I provide writing suggestions in every session for explorations that both free and deepen participants’ writing, and we share our work in an atmosphere supportive and challenging, tailored to the needs of each participant.

For writers at all levels of experience (and their characters, too).

These are, I believe, all fine and magical classes, solid and liberating.

Finding the Real Story: The Essential Elements of Story in Fiction and Memoir:
Fee for this independent class, 10 sessions, $350, payable directly to me. I love Paypal but if you use it, there is an added 10$ charge to cover Paypal’s fees to me.

For the Essential Elements of Story class, please contact me directly by email, or call 651-214-9248 I’m ready to answer your questions and register you for this class, which begins January 17.

So, let’s work on story together, whether fiction or nonfiction. Let’s write.
Anya Achtenberg

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