The Stories of Devil-Girl

Devil-Girl is a storyteller smaller than a stain and larger than life, a mythic figure roaming the globe. Born into Brooklyn housing projects and the nightmares of her immigrant family, she becomes a runaway in the human marketplace of the streets of New York. Accompanied by her sense of outrage and sense of humor, ghosts of the ancestors and her prophetic vision, she moves from silence through rage into deep alliance with the marginalized.

“Poignant and fierce, this book is moving, beautifully written, and urgently relevant.”
-Kathleen Spivack, Author, Director: Advanced Writing Workshop

“Stunning and original! Powerful ‘make it new’ language that creates-through the runaway energy and precise detail of the storytelling voice-a disturbing world in all its particularities, only to transcend it by grappling with what’s at stake in the larger world.”
-Stratis Haviaras, Founder and former editor of Harvard Review