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Available in-person workshops

Whether you are a member of a writing group or connected with a literary or educational institution, contact me to arrange a writing workshop in your area. Writing for Social Change: Re-Dream a Just World workshops A 3-part series; each workshop stands on its own, or can be taught as part of the whole. For… Continue reading Available in-person workshops

Deepen Characterization through Love Scenes that Go Beyond Formula

What we are really looking for and working toward in this class are writings about romantic love that are neither sentimental and formulaic, nor graphic in a way that doesn’t tell the story but serves some goal outside of the work. It is perhaps bold to do this course, which is not a course in writing erotica, nor one that looks to fulfill a formula for romance genre fiction. This is my corner of the world in writing about love, one that works to capture the ache of it, the beauty of it, the disintegration and yearning of it; that which makes it a part of life that is easy to obsess about, because of how utterly beyond belief it is when it comes fully into one’s life.